The Zodiac Signs MOST Likely To Cheat

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It’s time to spill the tea by exposing exactly which of the zodiac signs are the MOST likely to cheat in a relationship, as well as why each of the signs would do the dirty behind your back.

First, I’ll be starting with the most loyal and faithful signs, the ones that you can trust. And then I’ll work my way down the list in order of least to most likely to cheat.

At the end, I’ll reveal the 4 signs that you will definitely want to keep an eye on, because they are lowkey notorious for having wandering eyes!

Note: Obviously, every sign has some capacity to cheat, and the exact likelihood will depend on many factors beyond just a person’s sun sign. For a deeper analysis, take my free compatibility test here.

#12. Cancer: they’re loyal lovers who rarely cheat.

Faithful Cancer relationshipPin
Faithful Cancer relationshipPin

At the very top of the list is the Cancer, a sign that craves security, stability and safety in their relationships.

They’re also a deeply empathetic and sensitive sign, making them far less likely to do something that could potentially jeopardize their relationship. For the most part, you wont have to worry about Cancer men and women going behind your back.

But as loyal as they are, every sign does have some capacity to cheat, so what could possibly bring a Cancer sign to go behind your back? Well, quite simply, it’ll happen when you play with their emotions in a big way.

Because whilst their love can be deep, it’s this same level of emotional intensity that can also cause them to be vengeful when their feelings are toyed with. When you hurt them, they may go and cheat, just to make you understand the pain they feel.

#11 | Taurus: they don’t like to mess up a good thing by cheating.

Faithful Taurus couplePin
Faithful Taurus couplePin

Next up is the Taurus. And let me tell you, it will take a lot for this sign to cheat because quite simply, they are some of the most loyal creatures in all of the zodiac.

When you’re dating a Taurus man or woman and they are serious about you, they will ride or die with you till the very end. They look for stability in their relationships, and will go out of their way not to rock the boat.

So why would a Taurus sign consider cheating then? Usually it’s because there are serious cracks forming in the relationship, that they can no longer overlook.

It could be that they suspect their partner is lying and going behind their back. Or perhaps their partner has become lazy and unproductive, and expect the Taurus to pick up all of the slack.

#10 | Virgo: they prefer stability in their relationships.

Virgo power couplePin
Virgo power couplePin

So Virgo is again, another sign that places a high value on security and stability, making them relatively low risk when it comes to cheating.

They’re also a sign that wont jump into a committed relationship, until they are absolutely certain that a person is right for them. This makes them much less likely to find themselves in the type of toxic relationship, where cheating would otherwise become a temptation.

So what could bring a Virgo to cheat? Often, it will be because the relationship has just become too, well, domestic. Because although they are stable in their nature, the Virgo also has a hidden wild side that likes to come out from time to time.

They work damn hard and and need to have an outlet, where they can let their hair down and cut loose. And if they don’t feel like they can do this in their relationship, then that’s when it can lead to dangerous territory.

#9 | Scorpio: they can be surprisingly committed in relationships.

Scorpios don't cheatPin
Scorpios don't cheatPin

You might be surprised to see Scorpio so high up on the list, especially given their reputation for having an enormous sexual appetite.

But the truth about about dating a Scorpio man or woman, is if you do right by them, then they can be fiercely loyal, in a way that few other signs can match. Trust is a big deal for them, and once it has been established, they will protect it at all costs.

So what could lead a Scorpio cheat then? Well, I hate to say it, but it’s likely to be when the Scorpios dark side gets the better of them, and they become hell bent on getting revenge. If they feel like their partner has hurt them or done something that they deem to be irredeemable, then their vengeful side can emerge, and manifest in the form of cheating.

Another reason a Scorpio might cheat is if they feel there is something crucial that’s missing from the relationship. This could be a non-existent sex life, which will drive them crazy, as it’s a huge part of how they connect in a relationship. Or it could be that the relationship lacks the intensity and emotional depth that they deeply yearn for with a partner.

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#8 | Capricorn: it’ll take a lot for them to cheat.

Loyal Capricorn couplePin
Loyal Capricorn couplePin

Much like their fellow Earth signs Taurus and Virgo, the Capricorn enjoys the structure and security that comes from a stable and committed relationship.

They’re also a sign that deeply values loyalty and when they commit to someone, they take that commitment seriously. As a result, they tend to be one of the more faithful signs in the zodiac.

The Capricorn might consider cheating however, if their partner becomes too complacent and stops pulling their weight in the relationship. Capricorns value drive and assertiveness, and if their partner refuses to put in their share of the work, well, this can breed resentment and dissatisfaction.

Then one day, the Capricorn may just meet someone, who has got their life together and is making sh*t happen. And that’s when temptation sets in and they find themselves jumping ship.

#7 | Leo: they want to be loyal but are prone to temptations.

Confident Leo man and womanPin
Confident Leo man and womanPin

Then we have the kings and queens of the zodiac: the Leo. And on one hand, when they are in a relationship in which they are truly fulfilled, they will show unwavering loyalty and stay by your side through thick and thin.

But on the other hand, sometimes Leos just love attention a little bit too much. If they feel like they aren’t getting enough in their relationship, and someone comes along who showers them with compliments and adoration, well, you’re entering some seriously dangerous territory.

Leos hold themselves in high regards, and if their partner isn’t treating them as their number one, then they might just be like “screw it. I’m going to find me someone who will”. And if they feel like like their partner is paying more attention to other people, then it can bring out their jealous streak, which can lead to infidelity real quick.

#6 | Pisces: sometimes they just don’t know how to say “no”.

Pisces couple in lovePin
Pisces couple in lovePin

Next up we have the Pisces. And when this intuitive sign is in a relationship, they really do try hard to be devoted to their partner in every way.

Their empathetic nature means they genuinely don’t want to hurt anyone, let alone someone that they care about deeply. When they fall for someone, they tend to fall hard, and for the most part, they make for extremely committed partners.

But their weaknesses lie in their habit of reacting on pure emotion, and their inability to say “no”. If they encounter someone who is particularly charming and persuasive, they might find themselves getting so caught up in the moment, and lost in the fantasy, that they find it hard to put the breaks on things before a boundary is crossed.

The other reason the Pisces might cheat, has to do with their resistance to confrontation. If they are unhappy in a relationship and feeling like it isn’t giving them what they need, than rather than breaking things off, they may cheat, just to avoid having to deal with the situation head on.

#5 | Aquarius: they can be loyal if you can actually get them to commit.

Aquarius relationshipPin
Aquarius relationshipPin

And then of course, we have the Aquarius. And it’s no secret that these guys and girls can be intensely wary of commitment and notoriously hard to tie down.

Based off this alone, you might be quick to assume that the their capacity to cheat would be off the charts. But the thing about Aquarians, is they are so hesitant to commit, that they only take the plunge, if they are certain that they have found someone who is perfect for them. And in these types of situations, the Aquarius can prove to be a surprisingly committed and loyal partner.

Problems can arise, however, the moment that they feel as though their partner is trying to confine them into too tight of a box. For a relationship with them to work in the long term, they have to feel like they still have a certain level of autonomy and freedom.

If their partner becomes overly clingy, constantly interrogating them, and not giving them space to do their thing, then their rebellious instincts will kick into overdrive, which is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

#4 | Libra: sometimes they’re just too damn charming for their own good.

Libra man and womanPin
Libra man and womanPin

Then we have the Libra, who being ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, does genuinely want to be in a happy and committed relationship.

They crave harmony and don’t like to rock the boat or cause drama, which means they aren’t likely to actively go out and make a conscious decision to cheat.

The problem though, lies in the fact that they can sometimes be too damn charming and flirtatious for their own good. They are highly social creatures who love to soak in the energies of a wide variety of people.

And sometimes they can find themselves getting caught up in the moment and flirting without even realizing it. It starts as some friendly banter, then one thing leads to another, and the next thing you know, it just kind of happens.

Another issue with the Libra, is they can be so wary of confrontation, that when they find themselves in an unhappy relationship, instead of just breaking things off and dealing with the blow out, they can go about things in a roundabout way and cheat behind their partners back.

#3 | Aries: if they’re not 100% about you, then temptations can get the better of them.

Promiscuous AriesPin
Promiscuous AriesPin

Next up on the naughty list, is the very first sign of the zodiac, the Aries.

Now, on one hand, the Aries has a fiercely loyal streak, and when you have truly won over an Aries man or woman, they will stick by your side, through thick and thin, no matter what.

The problem though, is if they’re not 100%, with every ounce of their being, certain about the relationship, then their eyes can start to wander. Combine this with the fact they are impulsive AF, and you have a dangerous recipe, that can lead to them straying from from their relationships.

Furthermore, they have an insatiably high sex drive and a constant need for excitement, and if they feel like they aren’t getting enough of that at home, then temptation can start to creep in.

#2 | Sagittarius: they’re notorious commitment-phobes who find it hard to stay put.

Sagittarius tempted to cheatPin
Sagittarius tempted to cheatPin

And next up is the Sagittarius. And boy oh boy, do you want to keep an eye on the the Sag, because they can be highly prone to cheating if certain situations arise.

Now of course, this isn’t to say that all Sagittarians are destined to cheat, or that they aren’t capable of being loyal in a relationship. In fact, I’ve met many men and women who were in very happy and long term relationships, with extremely committed Sagittarians.

But the fact is, they can be extremely independent and highly wary of commitment. And the moment they start to second guess their decision to commit, their flighty instincts can kick in big time. Then before you know it, they’re talking themselves out of the relationship, and are thinking about exploring other options.

They also crave constant excitement and are afraid of too much routine. If they feel like the relationship has become dull and stagnant, well, you guessed it, that’s when the chances of them straying can go through the roof.

#1 | Gemini: they just can’t help but be curious about what “else” is out there.

Unfaithful Gemini couplePin
Unfaithful Gemini couplePin

And last but definitely not least, is the Gemini. And well, where do I even start with this sign?

Now don’t me wrong, I absolutely love Geminis, but boy can they struggle with the whole “commitment” thing.

For a start, they can be plagued by the “grass-is-greener” syndrome, constantly wondering if there is something better and more exciting around the corner. Then there’s the fact that they can find it hard to stick to anything for a long period of time, let alone a relationship. And then to top it all off, they can be indecisive AF, leading them to constantly second guess the relationship.

Eventually though, they can discover that these “short term flings” don’t provide them with the long term happiness they are looking for, and opt for a more committed relationship. But until that time arises, their intense curiosity will often make them at least a little bit tempted to just “see what else is out there”.

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