10 Secrets To Attract The Aries Man (Make Him OBSESSED)

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If you’ve had any experience dealing with an Aries guy before, then you’ll probably know he can be a seriously tough nut to crack when it comes to trying to capture his attention.

These men are notorious for being hard to pin down, for having wandering eyes and for playing the never ending hot-and-cold game.

In fact, many of the women that I have spoken to, who have dealt with these men on a regular basis, can get so frustrated that they are quick to lump them straight into the f-boy category.

But despite all of their flaws, if you know how to play your cards right, they really do possess the capacity to be some of the most loyal and dedicated lovers in all of the zodiac.

So before you dismiss the Aries man outright as an unobtainable time-wasting player, here are ten ways that you can capture an Aries guy’s attention and drive him wild with desire.

1. Signal your interest and don’t keep him guessing.

Woman attracting Aries manPin
Woman attracting Aries manPin

It doesn’t take much to put the Aries guy into full on “chase mode”, but he won’t be able to read your mind, so you will have to drop a few hints first so that he gets the message.

Don’t worry though – he’s good at picking up on hints. It won’t take much or have to be anything that’s too forward or overt; just something to let him know that you are interested and open to advances.

This could be something as simple as giving him some eye contact, shooting him a coy smile, “accidentally” brushing his forearm in the middle of conversation, or sending him a cute and flirty text message.

Don’t be afraid to make the first move with these men, because not only will he be able to pick up what you are putting down, but he absolutely loves it when it a woman isn’t afraid to go after what she wants.

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2. But don’t come on “too strong” or be over eager.

Friends at a barPin
Friends at a barPin

The absolute fastest way to scare off an Aries guy and send him running in the opposite direction is to come on too hard, too fast.

You want to play it cool with these men, especially in the early stages. Don’t go blowing up his phone or confessing your undying love for him before things have even gotten off the ground. Let him know that you are interested, but not in an “obsessed stalker” kind of way.

If he’s taking a while to respond to your texts, then for the love of god, don’t be responding to his texts right away. If he asks you to hang out with last-minutes notice because one of his friends bailed on him, then think twice before you drop everything to go see him right away.

The key to piquing his interest is to come across as a high-status woman who is in-demand and who has options, and you can do this making sure that you don’t come across as “too available”.

Make time for him, but don’t be at his beck and call 24/7. Let him know that you have your own life and friends to attend to, and even drop a few hints that he’s not the only guy who has shown an interest.

This will make him see you as a high-status woman who is worthy of fighting for, and will make him work ten times harder to win you over.

3. Stroke that enormous ego of his by dropping a few compliments (but don’t overdo it!).

Attracting the Aries man with complimentsPin
Attracting the Aries man with complimentsPin

It’s no secret that Aries guys can have pretty enormous egos, which when stroked, can leave him purring like a kitten.

A couple of well-thought-out compliments from a woman can be like kryptonite to these men, and instill intense feelings of desires and obsession within him.

However, this is definitely not to say that you should endlessly gush over how amazing he is 24/7. If you overdo it, he’ll just feel like it is too much and it will have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for.

Nor should your compliments be so vague and generic that he feels like it could apply to any man. These men will see straight through insincere compliments and flattery from a mile away, so whatever you do, keep things real with him.

But a well thought out compliment, is pretty much guaranteed to make him melt, and will make him feel a certain kind of way about you.

Some compliments that make the Aries man purr include:

  • Ask him for his advice on something. These men absolutely love to feel like they are your ‘go to’ for advice on things. And when he gives it to you, compliment him on it: “Omg, you always have the best advice”.
  • If you catch another girl checking him out while you’re out together. Don’t berate him for it, but instead point it out and tease him about it in a cute and flirty way: “Did you see that? she was totally checking you out back there ;)”.
  • Compliment him on his ambition. These men are fiercely driven and love it when a woman notices and shows admiration for this side of him: “Wow, you really know how to make things happen, it’s seriously impressive.”
  • Compare him to an attractive celebrity that you think he resembles: “You know how you totally remind me of…”. I promise you, he will eat it right up.

The key is to be sincere with your flattery, without laying it on too thick.

To get an idea of the kind of compliments that work best with these men, I highly recommend watching this video, where you’ll discover, word-for-word, the type of compliments that make these totally obsessed.

4. Don’t be afraid to make him work for it a bit too.

Woman making eye contact with Aries manPin
Woman making eye contact with Aries manPin

One of the biggest mistakes that I often see women making when trying to attract an Aries guy is to make everything a little too easy for him.

These men absolutely love a challenge and they live for the thrill of the chase. But if you make him feel like he has won the game before he’s even started to play, then he’ll have no incentive to win you over in the first place.

Furthermore, when all of the challenge is taken out of the equation, not only does he feel like he has nothing left to fight for, but you deprive him of the ego boost that comes from winning a woman over.

And I hate to say it, but without a bit of challenge, the Aries man will likely become so bored and uninterested in the process, that his eyes will wander towards women who will give him more of a chase.

Keep in mind though, that you should be careful not to send him mixed signals. You still need to drop enough indicators of interest that he knows he is on the right path.

5. Give him space to lead and cheer him on every step of the way.

Handsome Aries manPin
Handsome Aries manPin

Aries men are leaders by nature who are bold in their ambitions and take charge of every situation that they encounter.

Rather than trying to clip his wings or domesticate him, you should nurture this side of him and allow it to flourish by showing him just how much you admire his determination and go-getting nature.

Be his biggest cheerleader and encourage him at every step of the way as he moves ahead on his quest to conquer the world. When he hits a roadblock, remind him just how much you believe in him, and it will provide him with the strength and encouragement that he needs to get back up and continue moving forward.

This will fill him with such a level of confidence and self-belief that he’ll always want to have you by his side. He’ll also begin to see the potential that the two of you have to be the kind of “power couple” who could accomplish anything together.

6. But also show him that you can stand on your own two feet and aren’t totally dependent on him.

Strong womanPin
Strong womanPin

Just because an Aries man likes to take on the role of a protector, it doesn’t mean that he wants a woman who relies on him for absolutely everything.

If he senses that you aren’t capable of handling your own business, even when he’s not around, then this will be a huge red flag for him. If he feels as though he will have to be at a woman’s beck and call, to the point where he’s more of a parent than a partner, then he’ll be outta there in no time.

In order to attract the Aries man, you need to show him that you are far more than just a helpless damsel-in-distress. Talk to him about your dreams and aspirations and show him that you are a go-getter in your own right.

He wants a woman who can stand on her own two feet and who isn’t content to settle for mediocrity. Show him that you know what you want in life and aren’t afraid to go out and get it, because that to him is seriously hot.

7. Keep him on his toes by being spontaneous and unpredictable.

Aries man dancing with womanPin
Aries man dancing with womanPin

These men can never sit still for too long, and they crave constant stimulation and adventure.

Their worst fear is waking up every day to a life that’s filled with the same old routine and nothing new or exciting to look forward to.

Show him that you can not only keep up with his unpredictable antics, but can bring some excitement of your own to the table. Start suggesting fun things that you can do together, on the spur of the moment, and he’ll begin to wonder what other tricks you have up your sleeve.

Instead of texting him “What are you doing tonight?”, try something like “You. Me. Bowling. Tonight. Loser buys the beer ;)”.

Instead of telling him about a place that you’d love to visit one day, tell him “We should book a trip there, next weekend”.

Or next time you’re strolling about in public with him, try whispering something saucy into his ear out of the blue, because you will pretty much blow his mind.

When you embrace his spontaneous energy and constantly keep him guessing, he’ll quickly become so addicted to you, that he won’t be able to think about anything else.

8. Flirt up a storm and tease him like crazy.

Flirting and teasing the Aries manPin
Flirting and teasing the Aries manPin

These men thrive on physical contact and love to feel as though they are being seduced, so don’t be afraid to flirt up a storm because it will drive him absolutely wild with desire.

They love it when a woman acts playful and suggestively around him. Be sassy, cheeky, mischievous and lean into your femininity. Don’t be afraid to tease him either and encourage him to tease you right back. If you do these things even half-well, then he’ll be putty in your hands before you know it.

Flirty things that no Aries man can resist include:

  • Shoot him a cheeky smirk, as if you are up to no good.
  • Give him some bedroom-eyes style eye contact.
  • Apply lip gloss while talking to him to get him focusing on your lips (and thinking about kissing you).
  • Play with your hair while talking to him.
  • Tease him playfully (and get him to tease you back!).
  • Brush his arms during conversations.

If you want to ease into things (or aren’t a super great at in-person flirting), then you can also easily get him excited and interested by sending him one of these flirty text messages.

9. Radiate an aura of positivity and enthusiasm.

Happy positivityPin
Happy positivityPin

These men are big-time optimists by nature, and they can’t help but gravitate towards others who share this positive and enthusiastic energy.

In the early stages of getting to know each other, you should always try to keep things fun, light-hearted and upbeat. Focus on living in the moment and show him that you can meet him on his wavelength.

He will naturally steer away from those that he perceives to be a “bit of a downer”, so leave your baggage at the door and save those deep trauma stories until much later in the relationship. Try not to take things too seriously and avoid drama like the plague.

If you encounter negativity, then don’t let it get you all frustrated and angry, but rather make light of it and joke about it. Do this right, and he’ll quickly become addicted to your presence and always want you around.

10. Make him feel like he is your hero.

Aries man romantic lovePin
Aries man romantic lovePin

Alright, I need you to pay close attention to this one, because I’ve saved the most important for last.

If you really want to make an Aries man utterly obsessed with you, then you need to tap into a deep rooted primal need that every one of these men possesses.

In fact it’s an instinct that’s so hardwired within these men, that it’s practically the driving force behind everything that they think and do, right from the time that they wake up all the way to the time when they go to sleep. Hell, it’s so powerful that something that they crave even more than money, status, power and yes, even more than sex.

And that is, he wants you to make him feel like a true hero.

He doesn’t want to feel like he is your “adorable little boyfriend”, he wants you to see him as your champion and knight in shining armour.

Because when you make him feel this way, you will scratch such a deeply-rooted need for him and make him feel so totally needed and irreplaceable, that suddenly no other woman will even compare.

In fact, this desire is so powerful that I’ve made a whole video presentation about exactly you can trigger this instinct within him and flip it on like a switch, which you can watch right here.

Because at the end of the day, what the Aries man wants more than anything, is a woman who can make him feel like the inner warrior that he is.

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