9 Subtle Signs A Scorpio Man Is Obsessed With You

Signs a Scorpio man is obsessed with youPin
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It’s no secret that Scorpio men can be annoyingly hard-to-read. This is perfectly illustrated by a question that I recently received from one of my readers:

“Zara! I’ve been talking to this Scorpio guy on and off for a while now, and he’s driving me absolutely crazy. I think he might be into me, but I just can’t get a read on him. How do I figure out where we stand?”

And believe it or not, this is far from the first message that I’ve received from a woman who was struggling to get a read on a Scorpio guy.

These mysterious creatures are notorious for keeping their cards close to their chest. And when they’re into someone, they rarely make it obvious.

Worse yet, they’re known for playing the “hot and cold” game, making you feel like the only woman in the room one moment, to barely giving you the time of day the next.

Trying to decipher these enigmatic creatures can sometimes feel like an absolute minefield, even if you’re highly compatible on paper (which by the way, you can test your compatibility here.)

But the good news is, as much as he might try to hide it, there are some subtle but revealing indicators that can give away his true intentions… so here are the nine signs that the Scorpio guy is secretly obsessed with you.

1. He stares at you with an intense gaze.

Obsessed Scorpio man starePin
Obsessed Scorpio man starePin

If you catch him staring with that infamous Scorpio gaze, in a way that feels like he is piercing your soul and undressing you with his eyes, then it’s a giveaway sign that he’s taken an interest. That intense gaze is usually only reserved for those that capture his attention in a big way.

You might also notice him staring from across the room, but being unwilling to approach. These men are intense observers and even when they’re trying to hide their intentions, their eyes will give their game away BIG time. If he’s acting like a shy and timid dog, that is staring but not fetching, then chances are, you have piqued his interest.

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2. He allows you to steer the ship.

Woman leading the Scorpio manPin
Woman leading the Scorpio manPin

Scorpio men can be serious control freak freaks at times. They’re renowned for their dominant and power-hungry nature and are usually determined to steer the ship in every situation.

But when they become particularly enamoured with someone, they will be willing to relinquish some of that control and allow you to take the lead.

If he’s letting you call the shots and make the decisions about where you go and what you do together, then it shows that he not only trusts you but is even willing to be a bit vulnerable around you, another sign that he’s definitely picking up what you are putting down.

3. He brings down his walls and tells you his secrets.

Scorpio man telling woman secretsPin
Scorpio man telling woman secretsPin

Scorpios guys are known for being intensely private men who don’t go around revealing intimate details about their lives to just anyone. So, if you catch him letting his guard down and spilling the tea on some of his deepest secrets, then you can be sure you are in with a shot.

If he brings down his walls and gives you glimpses of the man behind the mask, then it’s a sign that he wants to get to know you a whole lot better. He only shares these type of details with a select few who he holds in the highest of regards, so pay close attention the next time he opens up, because he’s likely trying to forge a deeper connection.

4. He tests you by playing hard to get.

Scorpio guy playing hard to getPin
Scorpio guy playing hard to getPin

One of the most confusing things about Scorpio men is they can have a habit of playing mind games. Don’t be surprised if he suddenly plays hard to get or gives off a bunch of mixed signals.

He might play the hot-and-cold game, suddenly dropping off the map for for a period of time, only to come back with even more eagerness than before. It can be frustrating AF, but in his mind, he’s trying to get a read on you, to gage just how interested and committed you really are.

He might play silly games over text that can leave you pulling your hair out. But if he does, just send him one these texts that I’ve compiled here, which have been specifically designed to cut through all BS and mind games with a Scorpio guy, so that you can escalate things into something more serious.

5. He gets jealous but tries to hide it.

Jealous Scorpio manPin
Jealous Scorpio manPin

It’s no secret that Scorpio guys can be prone to jealously, and that’s especially true when it comes to his relationships. And as much as he might try to hide it, it’s usually written all across his face.

If he suddenly acts weird the moment that you drop another guy’s name into a conversation, then take note, because he’s showing his cards and revealing how strongly he feels about you. If you catch him trying to subtly but not-so-subtly interrogate you about who it is that you’ve been texting, then it’s likely that he is secretly vying for your attention and doesn’t like the idea of competition.

6. He gets awkward around you.

Scorpio man likes youPin
Scorpio man likes youPin

Scorpio men are normally masters at masking their emotions and exuding an image of total and utter confidence. But when he’s around someone that he has caught his eye, then it can really throw him off his game.

If he comes across as little bit awkward and bashful when he’s around you, or is more anxious than his usual composed demeanor, then it could be because he’s trying to play it cool but is struggling to hide his feelings for you. If he’s always tripping over his words and becoming flustered in conversation, then you can almost guarantee the Scorpio guy has got a thing for you.

7. His protective streak comes out.

Protective manPin
Protective manPin

When Scorpio men really care about someone their protective instincts will come out in a big way, sometimes even to the point of being low key-possessive. These men love to play the role of the hero and will trip over themselves trying to do so.

If he’s going out of his way to walk you home when it’s late at night, or is constantly checking in on you when you’re sick, then that’s probably his “Savior Instinct” that’s kicking in, which is yet another very strong indicator that he is seriously digging your vibe.

In fact, this desire to protect is so hardwired, that any woman who can activate his “Savior instinct”, will have a Scorpio guy wrapped around their finger in no time. I made a video about exactly how you can tap into this instinct here.

8. He’s fishing for information about you.

Fishing for informationPin
Fishing for informationPin

When Scorpio guys are into you, they can get inquisitive as hell. They turn into a Sherlock Holmes style detective, constantly prodding for information and wanting to learn more.

If he’s always asking personal questions about your childhood or your goals for the far-off future, then it’s probably because he’s intrigued by you, and wants to find out what it is that makes you tick.

If he’s sleuthing your social media and seems to remember every small detail that you’ve told him from previous conversations, then you can take to the bank that the Scorpio man has his eyes on you in a big way.

9. He tries to initiate deep-and-meaningful conversations.

Scorpio man deep in conversationPin
Scorpio man deep in conversationPin

Last but not last, when a Scorpio guy likes you, he’ll instinctively want to connect with you on a much deeper level. He’s not one for small talk or superficial connections, and absolutely loves to engage with people on that intense and raw level that Scorpios are so well known for. But he won’t engage with just anyone in this way, only those that he deems to be worthy.

If he skips the small talk and steers the conversation into philosophical territory, speaking with a level of passion and intensity that only a Scorpio is capable of, then there’s no doubt that he wants to get to know you a whole lot better.

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